Cupcakes with Pistachio and Rose from the Boutique Bakery Triple Ginger Biscuits from Pistachio Rose the Boutique Bakery

Welcome to Pistachio Rose

Pistachio Rose is a boutique bakery that specialises in the fusion of quintessential Indian flavours with elegant cakes, delicate biscuits and crumbling pastries. Perfect for a British-Raj style afternoon tea banquet.

Quintessential flavours of India, delicately presented in the finest cakes, biscuits & pastries

My childhood was spent surrounded with flavours from the Indian continent as well as the English homeland and I developed a love for sweets and desserts from a very early age. Memories of creamy rice pudding flavoured with cardamom & topped with crushed pistachios, warming vermicelli pudding with cinnamon & mace, or English custard flavoured with nutmeg & almonds swoon around me.

My absolute favourite dessert to this day is Gulab Jamun - a soft cardamom sponge, soaked in rose syrup & topped with crushed pistachios. For me, losing myself in a sea of sugary-spiced heaven is no problem at all but for many people, Indian sweets and desserts are a little heavy and a little too sweet!

I created Pistachio Rose Baking Boutique because I wanted to show that Indian flavours are delicate at heart and with careful balance, can create the most elegant cakes, light & airy biscuits and crumbling pastries. So come on our journey, through taste, to an afternoon tea banquet from the British-Raj era that combines the quintessential elements of these two fine cultures.

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    In Store Now

    We are delighted to have our beautiful products on sale in the very prestigious Fortnum & Mason bakerry department.  A fine food institution for over 300 years, this food hall knows is renowned for selling luxury goods to appreciative customers.  

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    High Chai - date TBC

    High Chai is an Indian Afternoon Tea banquet offering boutique baking from London's first Indian-inspired luxury bakery.

    Following the sell-out successes of Winter and Spring, the next in the series will be an Indian Summer themed event to reflect the fusion of East meets West in terms of flavour and ambience.  Email us to be added to the mailing list for the next event with High Chai the subject line.
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    Cooks to Market Episode 6 coming soon

    Due to air this spring, watch Pistachio Rose battle head-to-head with another small food business for the chance to face a panel of industry experts that could help shape the future of this Indian-inspired bakery.

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